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5 reasons why you should use online reservation system to book your hotel


You will find many online hotel reservation systems. Some people are using it, whereas others still prefer the traditional method of relying on travel agents or booking hotels in person after reaching destinations. Here are some good reasons why you should use an online reservation system for hotel booking.

Open 24/7

People often surf the Internet during late hours at night, and they are likely to make the reservation then. These online reservation sites are open 24/7 to take your reservation. So, unlike a travel agency, you don’t need to worry about the timing.

No commission

You don’t need to pay any commission when you book hotels through the sites. By using an online portal, you are cutting off the middleman, so you don’t need to pay any commission.

Reduces searching time

In an online reservation portal, you can compare all the hotels in one platform. So, you don’t need to move from one website to the next to compare prices. With various search options, you can search for hotels according to budget, location, facilities, etc.

We’ve found some very efficient booking systems in holiday destinations like Tenerife that make reservations a breeze or you can opt for a more traditional method by contacting a reputable estate agent in Tenerife if you’re ever in that location.


Discount codes

You will get discount codes in various seasons if you book through the online reservation portal. Using these discount codes, you can get some great offers in various hotels.

Easy payment system

These websites provide a secure system for payment. The system is hassle free and is processed very quickly. This reduces your workload.

In this busy world, it is a challenge o find the time to move from one place to another looking for the best deals. These online reservation systems offer a simple solution for busy people like you.

3 reasons why people love Belgian chocolate


Who doesn’t like chocolate, especially if it’s Belgian chocolate? Well, I’m sure the number won’t be many. Belgian chocolate is world famous. People all over the world crave for Belgian chocolate. Here are the three reasons why.

1. Belgium had a difficult colonial history. Congo became Belgium’s gateway to Africa’s cocoa plantations. Since the 1880s, Belgium brought back cocoa beans to Europe from Africa. As they were the first in Europe to get access to these cocoa plantations, they understood best how to process the beans. So, they started producing quality chocolate. You will be surprised to know that even the Swiss learned much of the things about chocolate from the Belgians.


2. Belgians are good at developing processes. They learned how to mix the cocoa beans very thin so that they become extremely smooth. In 1912, the people of Belgian came up with a new mechanism. Using this mechanism, chocolates could be filled with different flavored creams like coffee, hazelnut, etc.

3. Every Belgian village has its chocolate shop. The recipes of chocolate have been passed down through many generations. This culture has improved the quality of chocolate over time.


So, need a reason to visit Belgium? Here is a good one — the Belgian Chocolate! If you ever get the chance to visit Belgium then go to the local chocolate shops of any village. You will love the handmade chocolate.

Why is Belgium one of the favorite European destinations for vacation?


If you are thinking of visiting Europe on your next holiday, make sure you include Belgium in your itinerary. It is a small country that is located in Europe. Here are the reasons why you should visit Belgium.

1. There are lots of things to see in this small country. You can visit cities like Brugge, Antwerp, Ghent, etc. Whether its history, museum or food you are looking for, you will find everything here.

2. Most people here speak English. This is a real benefit of visiting Belgium, as you will find the people in the other countries in Europe don’t speak much English. So, it is often difficult to travel in countries like France.


3. Belgium is well known for its winery across Europe. You will find more than 1000 types of beer that are brewed in Belgium. The Belgian beer is considered to be the best in the world.

4. The transportation system is great in Belgium. The public transports are fast, appears frequently and are affordable. There are inner city trains available that make moving around the cities very comfortable. You can easily go on a day trip from one city to another.

5. Belgium is a wonderful place for eating and shopping. Belgian chocolate, Belgian waffles, Belgian beer, etc. are world renowned. You will find some great shopping malls here as well.


All these reasons make Belgium a beautiful place to visit. So, you can see what a mistake it would be not to include Belgium as one of the places of destination in your Europe holiday package.