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3 reasons why people love Belgian chocolate


Who doesn’t like chocolate, especially if it’s Belgian chocolate? Well, I’m sure the number won’t be many. Belgian chocolate is world famous. People all over the world crave for Belgian chocolate. Here are the three reasons why.

1. Belgium had a difficult colonial history. Congo became Belgium’s gateway to Africa’s cocoa plantations. Since the 1880s, Belgium brought back cocoa beans to Europe from Africa. As they were the first in Europe to get access to these cocoa plantations, they understood best how to process the beans. So, they started producing quality chocolate. You will be surprised to know that even the Swiss learned much of the things about chocolate from the Belgians.


2. Belgians are good at developing processes. They learned how to mix the cocoa beans very thin so that they become extremely smooth. In 1912, the people of Belgian came up with a new mechanism. Using this mechanism, chocolates could be filled with different flavored creams like coffee, hazelnut, etc.

3. Every Belgian village has its chocolate shop. The recipes of chocolate have been passed down through many generations. This culture has improved the quality of chocolate over time.


So, need a reason to visit Belgium? Here is a good one — the Belgian Chocolate! If you ever get the chance to visit Belgium then go to the local chocolate shops of any village. You will love the handmade chocolate.